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italy~Tetsu Suzuki


Italy is the dream country of the string music world, and the top violins all come from this place. Cremona, located in the north of Italy, is the hometown of violins. All handmade instruments, with hundreds of years of violin-making experience and superb technology, the world's top violins were born in this way.

Tetsu Suzuki is from Japan. In 2004, he entered the Violin Making Academy in Cremona. After graduation, he opened his own studio in the local area, mainly making double basses. Although the time is not long, Tetzu has won many awards in many international competitions in ten years, includingGold medal at the Citta' di Pisogne competition andTone of ISB (International society of bassist) Silver Award, etc.


*Barry's words*
In October 2015, I visited Tetsu's studio and had the honor to try this top-notch instrument, and the first feeling it gave me was --- unbelievable. A new piano that has been around for only two years can actually play a pure and rich sound like a century old piano. The bass is strong, the treble is sweet, and the positions are easy to use, and you can't put it down. If you get this piano, it will be like a tiger with wings added, and your strength will be improved to a higher level. It is the best choice for professional musicians.
If you are interested, please contact us for details.

(Pictured Tetsu Suzuki Double Bass - Violin Model - 2013)
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