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Essence Youth Orchestra
Crazy Youth Orchestra



  • Let children really enjoy music and understand the meaning of learning music

  • ​ In addition to giving performances and learning opportunities


group form

  • Set the upper limit of the number of people, and add group ensemble training

  • Children are more involved and more present

  • Meticulous training, taking care of every participant

  • More interactive space to experience the importance of group cooperation


Top Mentor Team

  • Rich teaching experience

  • Active in major local art groups

    • Hong Kong Sinfonietta​

    • Hong Kong Famous Music Friends

    • Hong Kong Arts Festival

    • Tai Kwun

  • Served as a tutor and conductor in a number of institutions

    • Hong Kong Festival Orchestra​

    • Kowloon Tong Mission Primary School

    • Xie Yan Secondary School Affiliated Primary School

    • Diocesan Girls Primary School

    • Good Hope School

    • Hujiang Primary School

MH conductor 2022.JPG

Mark Hui

Music Director


Barry Chan

Artistic Director

Participation Details:

Time: Every Saturday from 5:00pm to 7:00pm

Venue: Loft Stage

  (Diamond Hill Station Exit A2, walk for about 4 minutes)

Age: 8-16 years old

Charges: $3,600/per installment

    (each period includes two months of regular band and chamber music training)

Level: up to the Royal Academy of Music

          弦樂課程五級or above

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