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Kolsteindouble bassRosin (soft) $110

One of the most commonly used rosins in the world, its soft and insoluble properties are very suitable for use in Hong Kong's changeable climate, and it is the first choice for musicians and students of any level.

The rosin is wrapped in a layer of rubber and stored in a black and gold paper box, which is beautiful, durable and easy to care for.

Pops' double bass rosin $100

One of the most commonly used rosins in the world, it has a high viscosity and works best. Its soluble properties can restore rosin fragments to their original appearance, and they are not afraid of being broken.

Rosin is relatively soluble, so it is recommended to put it back into the red plastic box immediately after use and store it flat to avoid deformation and dust pollution that will cause the rosin to deteriorate.

Since care requires skill, it is recommended for more advanced students and musicians.

Wiedoeft 02.jpg

Wiedoeft double bass rosin $180


American-made rosin for soloists.

The rosin is stored in a square soft plastic box, which is very clean and easy to take care of.

​ Although the rosin texture is sticky, it is very close to the strings and can pull out a delicate sound



Leatherwood Double Bass Rosin (40%)  $200


New rosin made in Australia, high viscosity, suitable for orchestra use.

The rosin is stored in a rectangular soft plastic box, which is very clean and easy to take care of.


Wolf Sound Eliminator $250-$300


One of the greatest inventions of this century!

Say goodbye to the traditional super difficult to use wolf sounder!

Beautiful appearance, easy to install and adjust.

Available in 20g and 30g.

Mute (for performance)  $90


Made in Germany, it is easy to install and can be hung on the piano when not in use.

The best choice for orchestra performances!

Mute (wooden)  $350


A high-efficiency mute that retains the original sound of the instrument and is the first choice for soloists.

Mute (for practice)  $150


The most powerful mute, suitable for practice and new music.

Small artifact for changing strings $80


Needless to say, just use it.

Speed up the process of changing strings, reduce the time and physical effort of changing strings

Save time and effort, do you still need to consider it?

Kolstein professional violin rag $10-$20


Clean the instrument with a professional rag after each use, without damaging the paint on the surface and keeping the instrument in top condition.

Double bass protector cloth $280


In addition to protecting the instrument from being scratched by the buttons of the clothes, there is a small pocket in the middle of the cloth, which makes performance practice more convenient.

Bow Protector $400


Give the bow a safe place to rest during breaks

Easy to install, just tie it to the tailpiece.

Simple tools make life more convenient.


Kolstein cleaning and waxing set  $300


It is specially used for cleaning musical instruments. After years of actual testing, the effect is remarkable and it will not damage the paint on the surface of the piano. You can use it with confidence.

Double Bass Stopper $60

Troubled by slippery floors? This flying saucer can help you!
Combination of metal and rubber, while protecting your floor and tail pins
Convenient and durable, there are five colors to choose from.

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