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​ Piano Tuning ServicePiano Tuning

​I believe that if you love music, you must have a piano at home, and do you know that a piano needs to be tuned just like any other musical instrument?

​​ intonation is one of the most important elements in music, it affects the characteristics of chords and melodies, thus driving different emotions

Getting used to the correct pitch also helps a lot in pitch and learning music.

​Our store now provides piano tuning services, piano tuning lawyer Louis Chan provides services for everyone, in addition to basic piano tuning,

It will also check other parts of the piano and propose repair or maintenance suggestions. If necessary, please feel free to contact our store.

​Piano tuning lawyer~Louis Chan

Chen was born in Hong Kong. He graduated from the Musical Instrument Technology Department of Xinghai Conservatory of Music with a Bachelor of Music degree, majoring in piano tuning. He studied under Professor Leung Ruixiang and Mr. Qiu Yang. During the school period, he mainly studied the structure and operation principle of the piano, various tuning techniques, changes and effects of the ascending and descending temperament, various damage diagnosis and repair methods, and the comparison of various temperament systems, etc., with excellent results. During her studies, Chen was certified as an intermediate transfer lawyer by the national examination and obtained the qualification to practice.


After graduating, he worked in Parsons Music, mainly providing door-to-door tuning and repair work for customers, and went to various stores for daily piano inspection and maintenance. He also learned the various processes of piano production, knew the piano brands on the market and understood Its information, such as place of origin, materials, price, features, agents, etc., provides information for piano purchase, maintenance, tuning, adjustment, tuning,

Extensive experience in maintenance, cleaning, refurbishment and more.


Chen is currently a full-time piano tuning lawyer, and is responsible for piano tuning and maintenance in several piano companies. The scope of services is wide, such as: door-to-door tuning, regular inspection, maintenance and repair, buying and selling quotations, tuning professors, etc. Chen also obtained grade 8 in piano and music theory from the Royal Academy of Music, and achieved excellent results in subjects such as music theory and solfeggio and ear training. He has in-depth research on music theory, harmony, and musical form analysis.

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