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Our shop understands the size of the double bass and the rapid growth of the students,
It is necessary to replace the larger bass every once in a while, and the whereabouts of the old bass will be a problem.

In view of this, our store will provide rental service and consignment service, in order to eliminate your troubles.

~ Rental service~
The rented bass are all made in China,
Installed in Hong Kong and setup with German strings,
It is a more economical and quality choice.

There are two options for this service: long-term rental and short-term rental to facilitate different needs.

Long-term rental:
Rent is $800 per month, deposit $9,000
*The lease period is at least six months, and will be calculated on a monthly basis after the expiry date.

Short Term Rentals:
The daily rent is $500,Deposit $9,000
*No rental period, more flexibility
(If you have other needs, please feel free to contact us)

~Consignment Service~  
Selling old bass on the second-hand market on our website,
No additional fee will be charged.
​ If you are interested in publishing second-hand information to the second-hand market platform of this site,
Just need to provide a few clear photos and some basic information,
Our store will arrange the publication work for you,
For more details, please contact our store.

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