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Germany~Emanuel Wilfer
Emanuel Wilfer is the founder of a violin making company since 1905,
It has a history of more than one hundred years and has been passed down through four generations.

Over a hundred years of experience has created the perfect quality now. Wilfer manufactures different styles of
Double bass, including Gamba, Violin, Busetto, Solo, etc.,
Available from 1/4 to 4/4. In addition, we can also tailor-made bass cellos for orchestra, solo, and jazz for you according to your requirements, and provide the most suitable choice for you.

*Barry's words*
The German violin has a more direct, strong sound and a very strong bass. It can produce a relatively large and thick sound, which is more suitable for orchestra performance. In terms of solo, due to the direct relationship between the sound, it is very easy to control and achieve the desired effect. It is most suitable for advanced to professional pianists.
If you are interested, please contact us for inquiries. We have this model of violin for you to try.
(The picture shows Wilfer Double Bass - Gamba Model - 2008)

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