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DörflerIt is a German bow-making factory, founded in 1950, has many years of experience in making bows, and the current bow-making master is the fourth generation.

During more than 60 years,DorflerThe bow of the piano has become popular all over the world. at the same time, the company constantly solicits opinions from musicians at all levels, and then improves and pursues perfection.

After years of improvement, the current bow is suitable for players of different ages and levels, and it is the first choice for students. If you are interested, we have different styles in our storeDörflerQin Gong, welcome to our store to have a try.

*The picture is
Dörflerprofessional-grade models of
Egidius Dörflerdouble bass bow

  Weight: 128g, Length: 55cm

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